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DisPLACEd:Episode Two ‘The Iron Horse’ SYNOPSIS and COVER


We’re so close to the release of Episode Two! Check the newly-released synopsis and re-read Episode One FREE on our official Wattpad page!
DisPLACEd: Episode Two: ‘The Iron Horse’:
Just as the group were settling into the idea that the time-shift was a one-off, they are thrown back to 1860’s America. They are plagued with illness, feuds, and Native Americans desperately trying to reclaim their land. It will take all they’ve got to get back home in one piece.

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When an unlikely group of strangers are forced to live together in off-campus university accommodation, they thought things couldn’t get much worse. The living standards were less than perfect. But what were they to do? They had nowhere else to go.

When they begin to see flashes of horrific incidents and apparitions of beautiful women dressed in blue, they try to brush it off as a trick of the light or exhaustion. But the house has something to hide within its construct, and the group is just about to find out what…